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The Basics of a Clutch Bag

What is a Clutch Bag

What is a clutch bag? It’s essentially a smaller handbag usually without a handle or straps. It's currently a well-liked fashion trend among ladies. Carry it through a party night, or go for a low key casual day. You can even wear one at the office! It's known for carrying small items such as a cell phone, makeup and credit cards. So why is the clutch bag so popular? It’s because it’s the most versatile bag in womens fashion. 

Colorful Clutch Bags

Clutches are a great addition to parties and formal events. Choosing the right color and style might be overwhelming for some. We recommend keeping it simple by going with clutches that have metallics or embellishment for a formal event. These colors will compliment your outfit instead of taking the attention away from what’s most important.  For your most casual days we recommend choosing to stick with neutral colors

How to properly hold a clutch

Is there a proper way to hold a clutch bag? Yes of course there is! It matters especially at formal events. You don’t want to have to switch your clutch bag from one hand to another everytime you meet someone to shake hands. The solution would be to hold the clutch in your left hand so you're able to free up your other hand for meetings and greetings. Although you can carry it from the top, bottom, side, under the arm or as a wristlet. It’s all about how comfortable it feels to you and what comes natural. 

Clutch Bag With Wristlet

A clutch bag with a wristlet is a clutch that has a loophole that fits your wrist. A wristlet can offer security to women if they don’t feel comfortable carrying a clutch bag from the top, bottom, side or under the arm. For some having the sense that the bag is attached somewhere on their body gives a sense of security. A wristlet clutch is still a very acceptable fashion trend. All clutches still have the wristlet and it’s all about what makes you comfortable in regards to wearing it.

Clutch Size Bag

Does size really matter when it comes to a clutch? In fact it does! The purpose of a clutch is to elevate your outfit. As women we all have unique body shapes and when it comes to clutches there is a perfect match for everyone. For example: If you are a larger heavier woman you wouldn’t hold a small clutch bag. You would go for a medium size, or large clutch. We recommend experimenting with different sizes of clutches to find your natural fit.

Oversized Clutch 

Oversized clutches aren’t expected to go anywhere anytime soon. They are expected to be a hot fashion trend this year. They are extra roomy without sacrificing its style! Oversized clutch bags offer more space and interior compartments to hold more of your most important essentials. If you have more to carry then take the oversized route. You can get two bags in one with a clutch. And Yes you can do this also with the oversized clutch purse! This is because the clutch can transition into a crossbody bag with a detachable strap and throw the clutch over the shoulder for easy carrying. Women find that the detachable strap offers more security than a hand held clutch. And that's okay!  We offer several styles that you will fall in love with! 

Oversized Black Clutch Bag:

If you're looking for something neutral and versatile we suggest you go with an oversized black clutch bag. It can transition to day to night when you don’t have time to pick out another evening bag. The oversized clutch purse are also perfect for those low maintenance days when you want to grab-and-go! Just pair a clutch bag under the arm with straight leg jeans for a casual style. We recommend checking out our oversized Come With Me Studded Clutch bag for day to night duos you have coming up.

Envelope Clutches

Envelope Clutch Bags are a great essential wardrobe statement piece. These clutches can be worn during the day and transition into a night bag. They have an enveloped shape with a button snap. They are flat, but still roomy enough to hold the important essentials such as lipstick, cell phone and cards. You can choose to upgrade to an oversized envelope clutch bag. Whichever your preference is sure to still have the same outcome! Envelope clutch purses elevate your outfit to an elegant evening look. Matching your bag with your shoes is always a fashion choice that adds a little twist to your outfit. They are perfect clutch bags to assist you to a formal special event such as a wedding, cocktail party, or even at the office!

Animal Print Clutch Bags

Animal print clutch bags make a great investment due to their casual style. They will most definitely give your outfit a boost in style. In addition they are the perfect day bag and are customizable to your needs. Our animal print clutches are trendy and fashionable. Wear a clutch instead of a bulky bag that can cramp your style. Only pack what you actually use and a clutch will be your best friend! We offer Animal Print Clutches and Leopard Print Clutches that will elevate your look with minimal effort. If your personality doesn’t fit an animal print clutch try our ruched mini bag. 


Women clutch bags are here to stay within the fashion trends. We don’t expect them to be going anywhere any time soon! If you haven’t got one then maybe it’s time to start thinking of investing in one! We do warn you that it will be hard choosing just one. Plan on picking out a few! Now that you have learned that clutches come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. You should now be ready to pick out the ultimate statement clutch bag that is right for you. You can’t go wrong with a clutch! Remember the purpose of a clutch bag is to compliment your outfit. 



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